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Clean, Safe, Delicious Drinking Water

Watersmile is the one of the leading suppliers of green filtration systems for both business and home use. Our Green filters offer deliciously clean water without the waste and cost of typical filtration systems.

Our flagship office products are Onyx, Kalix and Odyssey.

WaterSmile Green
Filter Systems

Wherever space is at a premium, the Green Filter system can be installed with little more than a push and click.

The undersink set delivers all the benefits of clean, healthy and good tasting water at unbeatable value compared to other filtration and bottled water products. Includes up to three EZ-Turn filters, your choice of filter media and faucets, all necessary plumbing and optional water cooler.

Benefits of
Water Consumption

Water is essential as we all know, but here are a few facts…

  • The average adult should consume five pints of waterdaily, of these 3 pints should be obtained directly from drinks.
  • The average European household spend €40 a month on water.
  • In the adult body, water comprises between 50% and 70% of our body weight. Because we lose water daily this has to be replaced in our diet.
  • Headaches, tiredness and loss of concentration are symptoms of dehydration. It can lead to constipation and muscle cramps.
  • Very serious dehydration can increase the risk of kidney stones and bladder cancer.
  • Without water, we would die within 3 days.

'Point-of-Use' vs Bottles?

Still using bottles? Here are some reasons which may help you think differently…

Bottled Water:

  • Wastes your company's MONEY
  • Always runs out - especially when you really need it
  • Takes up valuable SPACE - when space is usually a premium
  • Extremely HEAVY - exceeding HSE guidelines
  • Relies on administration time - when you always need more time

Environmental issues

The environmental impact of small PET water bottles and delivered 19 litre bottles is recognized as a major problem:

Truck Deliveries of 19 litre bottles result in:

  • Added CO2 emissions and air pollution
  • Traffic Congestion
  • Illegal Parking

With safety in the workplace becoming evermore important, the choice of a plumbed in water cooler takes away many of the risks associated with a bottle water cooler.

Water coolers using bottled water can cause manual handling injuries. The standard bottle used in a water cooler weighs 19kg (42 lbs), which may require lifting from the floor to above waist level. Coolers supplied by mains water prevent this risk.

  • Typically 90% or more of the cost paid by bottled water customers goes to things other than the water itself – bottling, packaging, shipping, marketing, retailing, other expenses and profit .
  • According to the Climate Action Network, when some plastic bottles are incinerated along with other trash, as is the practice in many municipalities, toxic chlorine (and potentially dioxin) is released into the air while heavy metals deposit in the soil.
  • Tap water is distributed through an energy efficient infrastructure.
  • Approximately 40% of bottled water begins as tap water.

Further Information

Please call or email us today to discuss your requirements and see how WaterSmile can make a difference to your office or home life.

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